Prometheus Tool

Pyrex hopper for the Prometheus Tool Powder Dispenser

The hopper for the Prometheus Dispenser was developed with the input from Brand Cole of Prometheus Tool. He took my regular RCBS hopper and gave me suggestions to make it better. And the result is what you see here.  He felt that the ability to remove it was essential.

 The Prometheus Hoppers come in two sizes.

They come with a custom cap that has an O-ring to seal the hopper and help keep moisture out. They also feature an on/off valve to stop the flow of powder and make it easy to switch powders.



The Standard size holds nearly a pound of H4350.

The Small size holds a little less that the RCBS one. Less to fill – less to empty.

Prometheus Standard Hopper  – $ 90 each
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Prometheus Small Hopper   – $ 90 each
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