Ponsness Warren

PW Shotgun reloaders

Pyrex hoppers for PW machines

Replacement hoppers for the P-W presses that have this type of hopper plate.

They also fit the PW 375 Du-o-matic loaders.

They will not fit the EZ Seal version.

Powder Hopper

The PW Powder Hopper come in one size and holds a little over 1 pound of most powders.

The cap is held on with an O-ring to seal the hopper and comes with a custom baffle to insure consistent powder drops.

PW Powder Hopper   – $ 57 each

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Shot Hopper

The PW Shot Hopper come in one size and matches the height of the power hopper. It holds a little over 13 pounds of shot.

PW Shot Hopper   – $ 72 each
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