My father gave me the love of shooting but it was my Uncle John who taught me how to reload. I learned to reload shotgun shells on a MEC press in Grovespring, MO in the late 1970’s. I remember just how much enjoyment I got from shooting what I had made. That is a feeling that never gets old. I still get a kick out of running 25 with my reloads.

I am one of the many thousands of tiny businesses that make this country great! This enterprise is owned by Ward Lance, a sole proprietorship. It is a one person business that operates on weekends and after I get home ( when I am home ) from my day job.

My intention is to keep this business small.  I don’t wish to become a business with  employees.  I do my best to make sure every product I make is what I would want to receive if I placed the order  but I am not prefect.  If you receive something that doesn’t meet your expectations or gets damaged in transit, please let me know ASAP and  I will do everything I can to make it right.



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