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I make replacement hoppers for most of the popular powder measures on the market out of Pyrex borosilicate glass.  All the hoppers are measure specific so make sure you get the right one to match your measure.

Why Pyrex ?

Because many of the modern smokeless powders are more corrosive than the older ones. Powders like TiteGroup, Winchester Super Handicap and IMR 700x will attack the reservoir if left in and eventuality discolor and erode the plastic tube. Several people have mentioned that the Hornady plastic melts so bad they have fallen out and spilled powder everywhere.

Even those powders that aren’t corrosive will still discolor if left in for extended periods of time. Pyrex is the same material used in laboratories and is not affected. The hopper will remain clear not only enabling you to see what’s going on but also makes the machine look better.

Several people who have tested it have indicated it cuts way down on the static electricity issues as well.

Click on the Products tab above to find the hopper that fits your measure.

Can’t find your measure or want something custom ? email me at pyrexpowdermeasure@gmail.com with the specifics.


My father gave me the love of shooting but it was my Uncle John who taught me how to reload. I learned to reload shotgun shells on a MEC press in Grovespring, MO in the late 1970’s. I remember just how much enjoyment I got from shooting what I had made. That is a feeling that never gets old. I still get a kick out of running 25 with my reloads.

I am one of the many thousands of tiny businesses that make this country great! This enterprise is owned by Ward Lance, a sole proprietorship. It is a one person business that operates on weekends and after I get home ( when I am home ) from my day job.

My intention is to keep this business small.  I don’t wish to become a business with  employees.  I do my best to make sure every product I make is what I would want to receive if I placed the order  but I am not prefect.  If you receive something that doesn’t meet your expectations or gets damaged in transit, please let me know ASAP and  I will do everything I can to make it right.





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