WARNING – Hornady has changed their base again. If you have a powder measure that you have bought new after June 1st, 2021 you likely have a threaded base with a different thread pitch.  Email me at ward@dramworx.com before ordering so we can avoid any problems with you getting the wrong one.

Hornady – Threaded base

Pyrex hopper for the Hornady Lock n Load Measure

The HoHornady Stdrnady Hoppers come in two sizes.

They come with a custom cap that has an O-ring to seal the hopper and help keep moisture out. They also come with a custom baffle to insure consistent powder drops.

The Standard size replicates the volume of the plastic hopper supplied by Hornady.

The Medium Size holds 30% more.

Hornady Standard Size – $ 55
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Hornady Medium Size – $ 55
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Once upon a time Hornady made this wonderful powder measure with a non-threaded base. Instead of threads it has ridges that hold the tube in. We sell a replacement hopper for this version too.

The hopper will simply push in like the plastic one does. It is not as solid as the threaded version so we recommend drilling and tapping the base for a set screw to firmly hold it in place especially if being used on a press.


Hornady Non-Threaded  Standard Size $ 55 
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Hornady Non-Threaded  Medium Size $ 55
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Hornady Auto Charge

Pyrex hopper for the Hornady Auto Charge Measure – $55 each

auto charge.JPGIf you struggle with the static cling, then Dram Worx can help you out.

The hopper comes with a custom lid with an O-ring. Due to the rest of the measure being plastic we really don’t recommend leaving powder in the measure.

Hornady Auto Charge 
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