Lee Precision

Pyrex hopper for all Lee Powder Measures

They come Lee 3with a custom cap that has an O-ring to seal the hopper and help keep moisture out. They also come with a custom baffle to insure consistent powder drops.

The new version fits all Lee Precision measures and retains the on/off valve. If you have a red hopper, this is a direct replacement for it. Remove the black plastic adapter from the old one and put it on the Dram Worx hopper and you are ready to go.


The Standard size holds approx one pound of most powders .

Lee Standard Hopper  – $ 55 each
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FAT Hopper for Lee Perfect Powder Measure

This hopper was designed specifically for the Autotrickler. It holds 1 pound of H4350 and is quite a bit shorter to fit in spaces that have a height restriction.

To use the Dram Worx hopper you will need to use the black adapter from the Lee hopper or get the shut off version from Area 419.


FAT Lee Perfect Powder Measure – $ 65 each
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