Mark VII

Pyrex hoppers to fit the Mark VII line of reloading machines. 

Available in both the standard and medium sizes. The standard size is 4″ shorter than the one that comes with the press.

They come with the Dram Worx cap 3.0 that has an O-ring to seal the hopper and help keep moisture out. They also come with a custom baffle to insure consistent powder drops.

New Version ( Cast body )

This version is a press fit and is quite snug but we strongly recommend drilling & tapping the Mark 7 base for setscrews to hold it in place, especially if the press is automated. Three ( 3 ) 10-32 setscrews are included.

Version 2 Mark VII Standard Hopper  – $ 50 each
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Version 2 Mark VII Medium Hopper  – $ 50 each
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