Dillon Precision

Pyrex hopper for all Dillon Powder Measures

2DSC_010 The Dillon Hoppers come in two sizes.

They come with an improved custom cap that has an O-ring to seal the hopper and help keep moisture out. They also come with a custom baffle to insure consistent powder drops.

The Standard size replicates the volume of the plastic hopper supplied by Dillon Precision.

The Medium Size holds 30% more and is the largest size that will fit on the RL1050 / Super 1050 presses.

Dillon Standard Hopper  – $ 45 each
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Dillon Medium Hopper   – $ 45 each
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Powder Alarm Version

The powder alarm version comes with the Pyrex hopper, baffle, top ring to hold the alarm( not included ) and a disc/rod assembly specific to the height of the Dram Worx hopper. It does not include a lid.

Powder Alarm

Dillon Powder Alarm Hopper, Standard Size  – $ 50 each
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Dillon Powder Alarm Hopper, Medium Size  – $ 50 each
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